Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund
North American Singers Association

Nord-Amerikanischer Sängerbund ~ North American Singers Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to promote the cultivation, furtherance and maintenance of German music and songs, German customs and the German language; to stimulate the fraternization of all singers, both here and abroad; and in furtherance of the above, to unite all Germanic singing societies on the North American Continent.


Independent Germanic Singing Societies, and Singing Sections of other Germanic Societies, located in North America, are eligible for voting membership, provided they consist of at least twelve (12) active singers, upon initial application.

Eligible German and Germanic origin Singing Group wishing to affiliate with the N.A.S.B. must apply, in writing, to the National Secretary of the Association. Such application must give the names of all active singers and must be accompanied by the first year’s dues for each active singer. Such application will be immediately transmitted to the Board by the Secretary. The Board must vote upon such application within thirty (30) days from the date of notification of the Secretary - either in meeting or by mail. A majority of such votes shall be sufficient for acceptance. The result of said vote, and a note of welcome, will be conveyed to the petitioning group by the President.

The above procedure applies to the application of single groups or of relatively small, localized associations.




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